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I will never understand why deployment=mustaches for so many guys here.  For the vast majority of them, it does nothing but make them look silly.
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When I first arrived to the Pharmacy, there were two Pharmacists, both Lieutenants.  One male, one female, who I'll call Lt #1 and Lt #2 for the sake of anonymity.  Lt #2 was awesome.  She was endlessly patient, always willing to lend a hand when I got overwhelmed, and had a tendency to dance around the pharmacy when it was slow.

Lt #1 on the other hand... let's just put it this way.  A cheerful "Good Morning!" from me would result in a twenty minute spiel (if I was lucky!) starting with his opinion on the nurses (incompetent), the state of petty officers these days, both here and at his parent command (also incompetent), and pass through whatever his pet peeve of the day was, usually the incompetence of someone on the chain of command much higher than him, on the way to advocating the nuclear bombing of Afghanistan as a way to stop the war here. 

He was completely and utterly convinced there was a conspiracy amongst the doctors to keep him from getting good orders.  After the awards ceremony that conspiracy grew to include the face that he hadn't gotten the award he thought he deserved.  Part of this was actually true, but only in that being an obstructive jerk to each and every person in the hospital isn't a good way to get what you want, even if you do actually deserve it.  This had another side effect- because he didn't get the higher award, neither could Lt #2.  He seemed to realize the effects of his actions afterward and actually apologized, but by the day after the award debacle had been assimilated into his spiel.  He never really learned, and somehow I suspect he never will.

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Note to self: post more often.

Aaand now I've been in Afghanistan for nearing on three months.  It's not as bad as I thought it was going to be here- it's hot yes, but there's very little humidity, which makes for a very happy Pallas.  The food is edible, the internet is okay for surfing and checking email and that sort of thing but not much else, the dust sucks, but hey, the hospital has AC!  And there's a Boardwalk!  And ice cream, even if it tastes funny.  Granted, most things taste funny out here.  And I work better hours here than I do in the States.  Three on and one off = love. 

In the effort to improve myself, I've been working in the Trauma Bay on my days off for a few hours.  So far it's been interesting, but very slow.  There was a guy with a dislocated hip, which was cool to watch when they put it back into place, because I've never seen any sort of dislocations reduced except for a finger back home.

As far as the Pharmacy here goes, it goes.  The first three weeks or so were busy as all hell, because I came here not knowing inpatient pharmacy at all, and I'm going to go home being  considerably more experienced with it.  Once the new set of pharmacists and the new tech got here to replace the people leaving we kind of looked at each other, went 'okay everyone knows what they're doing, so let's make this all as normal as possible'.  And in came the awesome hours.

And!  I'm writing again!  I haven't written anything that didn't die after a few pages and right now I've just started on part three!  It's such a wonderful feeling, being productive like that.  I figure once I finish part three, which may take awhile because it's quite a long chapter in my head, I'll go back, edit the first two parts and put them up here and a few other places for feedback.

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Port Hueneme: Nice and sunny and hot.  Got issued too many seabags of stuff I'll probably never wear, but made good friends :)  Wish I knew who's bright idea it was to send me from the East Coast to the West for inprocessing, though.

Fort Jackson:  Hot and humid.  Too hot and humid.  All it took was a walk to the galley to be drenched in sweat.  Met more new friends, and a former coworker, a girl I haven't seen since boot camp, and a Chaplain from when I was on the USS Ronald Reagan in rapid succession.  I haven't seen that many people from my past in ever.  It was good to catch up with them though.  I am now also in possession of a rifle, which isn't nearly as worrying a concept it was at first, and two more seabags worth of stuff.  Oh, and the internet sucked. 

Right now I'm in Kuwait, which is actually nicer in some ways than I thought it would be, and not in others.  For one, cots and portapotties are standard here.  And so are tents, which seem to attract crickets like nothing else.  Either that, or they simply liked this particular tent.  At one point, there were four of the bastards.  However, the galley is very, very nice- the food is actually edible!  And there's a Baskin Robbins inside!  I have to say, ice cream makes everything better. 


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"I'm supposed to get a guard made for football."

"... This is the pharmacy."

I have to wonder why so many people think a hole in the wall is Dental, versus the clinic with the great big sign down the hall.

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If you call us on behalf of your child, saying that she is complaining of chest pain, and you want her to get an EKG, but do not want her transported to the local ER, we are going to boggle at you. Especially when you tell us she has a history of chest pain.  Needless to say, after the patient got their EKG (normal according to the machine), they were transported...
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What is it about surgeons that causes them to have a pole stuck up their butts?  Pretty much every one I've run into is an arrogant bastard.  When I was stationed on a carrier af ew years ago the surgical techs essentially refused to work with the surgeon because of his attitude. (He eventually did relax some- just in time for him to leave the ship and for us to get a new surgeon.)  More recently I was doing clinic inspections in our Orthopedics clinic and popped my head into the room where their medications are stored and that they also do patient procedures in, only to find a patient prepped for a procedure.  I turn around and make to leave and come back later, only to hear this from the doc: "So are you planning to do this procedure?"  WTF dude?  I'm sorry my presence is harshing your mood, but come one now, my appearance isn't going to cause the world to come to an end.
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Note to self: If you want something done properly, do it yourself.
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Contents of a package I received from my sister:
Bendy straws
Three miniature sponges
Two packages of cat toys
A giant cookies and cream candy bar
Beef jerky
A microfiber cloth
A foam children's skeleton puzzle
NASA pencil
The CDs I'd actually asked for

My sister has the best sense of humor ever.
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Note to self:  find whatever it is that has caused the cat to decide midair is out to get him and confiscate it.

I have to say, it made coming home from work that much more worthwhile :)
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One thing I'll never understand is why some people seem to think shooting other people is a good idea.  *shakes head*
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*sings Auld Lang Syne*  May this year be better than the last!


Dec. 3rd, 2009 04:57 pm
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I must not strangle coworkers, I must not strangle coworkers...

*My* special liberty damnit!  It's been approved by the CO and everything!  So why do you keep trying to guilt me into working on my day off?
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13 dead, 31 wounded at Fort Hood.

Rest in peace, my brothers and sisters.  Rest in peace.

*hand salute*
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30 or so guys dressed in nothing but green and orange body paint and speedoes just ran by.

And now there are catboys.

I never thought work could be so traumatizing...
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Welcome from San Jose! Four days of vacation, three of which involve Hero-Con? Pure win.
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Found in patient profile under medication allergies: Pt gets sniffles around cats

We have a winner right here, folks.
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Temp in the pharmacy when I got in to work at 11am: 61 degrees.
Temp outdoors: 86 degrees.

There is something wrong with this picture.

Note to self: bring jacket liner to work.
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Things I Never Thought I'd have to Tell a Coworker: 'I dont think our boxes spontaneously sweat.'
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What I want to know is, when the CO gets an award for the command's hard work, when do we get the award for actually having done the work?


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