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To my Supervisor:

11pm on a Sunday? Not the time to be telling me you want me to work the PM shift tomorrow.
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Dear Doc,

No, really, you aren't special, Department Head or not. You still need to follow the same rules everyone else does. So yes, I am going to hassle you because not only have you used written scripts when you aren't supposed to be they're also written in a way I can't fill. Oh, you're going to put them into the computer system? Why didn't you save us both the trouble and do that in the first place?
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Comic book stores that ship to the Middle East? Love.

Why me?

Jul. 3rd, 2009 08:14 pm
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To whom it may concern: How on earth did you decide it was a good idea to put the comment box in the way of the magnet for the dutch door? There's a reason it was put there. I dislike seeing my patients get hit in the head when it randomly swings shut.

To my coworkers: Thank you so much for trashing the pharmacy and leaving it that way. I was so happy to find I couldn't reach the back because of the bags full of meds. And the packs of meds put randomly back on the shelf? Wonderful! That's not an error waiting to happen at all.
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In a move that's been repeated I don't even know how many times over the past couple of years, the pharmacy has gone from 'completely closed because of a command event' to 'open for full business without half your people because they'll be at the command event' within a 24-hour timespan again. And they wonder why morale is so low...
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You never notice just how much time you spend on the computer until you have to go without, do you? *hugs new power cord*
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Happy birthday to me!


May. 31st, 2009 03:32 pm
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To my co-workers:

Joking about ecstasy while in earshot of the phone, when the XO is on the other side? Not cool.
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Day 12: Still not Dental.
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OMFG STAR TREK *dies of fangirlism*


May. 6th, 2009 04:22 pm
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To whom it may concern:

No. This isn't Dental. You've actually come to the Pharmacy. Yes, I know there's a sign that says 'Dental' and an arrow pointing forward, but there's also another sign below that that says 'Pharmacy' and has our hours on it. Please to be reading both signs before asking stupid questions. Thank you!

- Your friendly neighborhood Pharmacy Technician
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Woohoo! Dreamwidth!


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