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Note to self: post more often.

Aaand now I've been in Afghanistan for nearing on three months.  It's not as bad as I thought it was going to be here- it's hot yes, but there's very little humidity, which makes for a very happy Pallas.  The food is edible, the internet is okay for surfing and checking email and that sort of thing but not much else, the dust sucks, but hey, the hospital has AC!  And there's a Boardwalk!  And ice cream, even if it tastes funny.  Granted, most things taste funny out here.  And I work better hours here than I do in the States.  Three on and one off = love. 

In the effort to improve myself, I've been working in the Trauma Bay on my days off for a few hours.  So far it's been interesting, but very slow.  There was a guy with a dislocated hip, which was cool to watch when they put it back into place, because I've never seen any sort of dislocations reduced except for a finger back home.

As far as the Pharmacy here goes, it goes.  The first three weeks or so were busy as all hell, because I came here not knowing inpatient pharmacy at all, and I'm going to go home being  considerably more experienced with it.  Once the new set of pharmacists and the new tech got here to replace the people leaving we kind of looked at each other, went 'okay everyone knows what they're doing, so let's make this all as normal as possible'.  And in came the awesome hours.

And!  I'm writing again!  I haven't written anything that didn't die after a few pages and right now I've just started on part three!  It's such a wonderful feeling, being productive like that.  I figure once I finish part three, which may take awhile because it's quite a long chapter in my head, I'll go back, edit the first two parts and put them up here and a few other places for feedback.


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