Sep. 24th, 2010

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When I first arrived to the Pharmacy, there were two Pharmacists, both Lieutenants.  One male, one female, who I'll call Lt #1 and Lt #2 for the sake of anonymity.  Lt #2 was awesome.  She was endlessly patient, always willing to lend a hand when I got overwhelmed, and had a tendency to dance around the pharmacy when it was slow.

Lt #1 on the other hand... let's just put it this way.  A cheerful "Good Morning!" from me would result in a twenty minute spiel (if I was lucky!) starting with his opinion on the nurses (incompetent), the state of petty officers these days, both here and at his parent command (also incompetent), and pass through whatever his pet peeve of the day was, usually the incompetence of someone on the chain of command much higher than him, on the way to advocating the nuclear bombing of Afghanistan as a way to stop the war here. 

He was completely and utterly convinced there was a conspiracy amongst the doctors to keep him from getting good orders.  After the awards ceremony that conspiracy grew to include the face that he hadn't gotten the award he thought he deserved.  Part of this was actually true, but only in that being an obstructive jerk to each and every person in the hospital isn't a good way to get what you want, even if you do actually deserve it.  This had another side effect- because he didn't get the higher award, neither could Lt #2.  He seemed to realize the effects of his actions afterward and actually apologized, but by the day after the award debacle had been assimilated into his spiel.  He never really learned, and somehow I suspect he never will.


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